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SKOFace with its portability and ease of use can be deployed at various secure access locations. It brings a seamless guest/passenger experience. Our solution can be hosted on premise or cloud.

Therma Check

Facial Match & Temperature monitoring solutions can be extensively used at public places like airports, sea ports, hospitals, shopping malls to check individuals for a high temperature.

mBark Cruise

mBark Cruise is a powerful mobile solution which enables Cruise liners to reduce passenger embarkation time at the counters. It simplifies passenger processes and enhances customer experience.


Gangway is a powerful mobile solution that updates the guest onboard status by either scanning or tapping the cabin key card. The product is an extension to our existing mBark solution.

mBark Airline

mBark Airline is an innovative product for Airline industry aimed towards drastically cutting down cost of airline companies & time of Passengers and enhancing merchandising possibilities.

Therma Watch

With its real time temperature measurement, Therma Watch is an ideal solution to detect elevated temperatures in individuals at crowded places like shopping malls, airports, sea ports etc.

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SKO Systems is a global provider of innovative software products, solutions and services across many verticals. Travel, Logistics, Security and Hospitality. We innovate, develop IT applications, and support services across every aspect of the business.

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