Verifies the identity of a travel ID

IDentify is a mobile solution which enables the operators to verify and identify the information of the holder. This special mobile ID verification app has been designed for the Government agents/Operators. Giving importance to the safety and security of traveling passengers, IDentify obtains and verifies the information from a swiped passport and communicates the result in no time.



Data is guaranteed to be transmitted to the Cloud when it is connected to the internet. If connected, then the real time data transfer takes place, else it shows the validation is not performed against the backend.


Data is transferred to the backend using secure SSL channel in the encrypted form for security. The app is designed from the ground up considering strong security at each layer and component.


Performs MRZ checksum validations and validates the MRZ data against the Government database.


Reads ICAO standard MRZ data, reads RFID Chip and reads the photo from e-Passport chip.


No special training is required to use the app.


  • Current solution is developed as a standalone validation
  • Passport MRZ readers from Grabba
  • Validates MRZ checksums and opens ICAO Chip to Display Photo on Screen