mBark Airline

Reduces passenger check-in
& boarding time at the airport counters

mBark Airline is an innovative product for the Airline industry aimed towards drastically cutting down the operational cost of the airline companies, the time of the Passengers and also enhancing the merchandising possibilities. This powerful mobile solution enables the Airlines and the Ground Handlers to reduce passenger Check-In and boarding time at the counters.

mBark uses latest cutting edge Mobile and wireless technologies to integrate Tablets, Smartphones, Scanners, Mobile Printers with airline systems and airport infrastructure to achieve a complete end to end mobile solution, which is extremely Fast, Robust and Secured.



mBark designed to be DCS agnostic, which means it can work with virtually any DCS, such as SITA, AMADEUS, SABRE, NAVITAIRE and RADIXX etc.

Reduce in Cost

Simplifies airlines’ processes, increases customer experience and steers the airlines towards cutting down the cost of Airport Operations pertaining to passenger Check-In, Boarding, etc.


Drives the airlines to move towards the IATA Fast Travel initiative and drives the passengers to spend more time on duty free shopping, restaurants and lounges.

Easy Process

Reduces Check-in desks, process passengers on a mobile device and directs them to the bag drop.


Easy and Seamless to Integrate. It can be customized to the specific needs of the airline.


Ensures a better Return On Investment (ROI) by reducing the operational costs.


Manufactured using the latest cutting edge technology.


Enables you to provide 24x7 Customer Support at a minimal cost.


Efficient management of Airport Facilities.


  • Reduces the long queues, Passenger Check-In & Boarding time at Desks
  • Enhances passenger experience and maximizes customer satisfaction
  • Use of Internet of Things - Tablets, Smartphones and Mobile Printers for printing Boarding Pass and Bag Tags
  • High-performance Smartphone camera to scan dense 1D & 2D Barcodes and MRZ real time data recognition. This will speed up the check-in and boarding procedures at the airports


  • Available for both Android & iOS platforms
  • Passport MRZ reading and Barcode scanning using Smartphone camera
  • Mobile printers for Bag Tag generation and Boarding pass generation


  • Passport MRZ reading by camera
  • 2D barcode reading by camera
  • Samsung Galaxy or iPhone Smartphone
  • Mobile Bag Tag printer
  • Mobile Boarding Pass Printer
  • Windows based server to host EDMS component