Facial Match & Temperature Monitoring Solution

Real Time Data Synchronization

Intelligent facial algorithm

Wi-Fi/Ethernet enabled

Easily portable


Integrated facial camera with thermal sensor

Automatic temperature alarm

Ease of use with display

Simple & Effective


Applications for
SKO Therma Check

Access Control

Biometric Security


Time & Attendance

Visitors Check-in

Airport / Ship Terminals

Key Features of
SKO Therma Check

Facial Match with liveness detection & thermal sensor

Real time data updates

Alerts if body temperature detected is beyond acceptable limit

Contactless & Seamless experience

Additional Services

SKO Services will consult with you and understand your requirements. We can provide bespoke solutions to meet your requirements. Once the solution is scoped out, our in-house team will manage, the whole process from conception to delivery. We offer 24x7 technical support for our products.

Available Services

Technical Support | Installation and Setup | Application Maintenance Support