Gangway is a powerful mobile solution that updates the guest onboard status by either scanning or tapping the cabin key card. The product is an extension to our existing mBark solution.

  • Easy
  • Reduced
    Operational Cost
  • Efficient
  • Enabled
    Customer Support
  • Advanced Technology

Gangway - Functionality

  • System & Activity Logs
  • Visitor List
  • Guest Photo
  • Download Manifest
  • Onboard Status
  • Counters
  • Offline/Online

Gangway – Benefits

  • mBark and Gangway are using same data source, which results in no delay. Instantaneous Check-In status at the Gangway.
  • Built on existing mBark platform architecture.
  • Keep minimum required data on ship and transfer historical data using PMS architecture.
  • Simplified and disconnected architecture using additional REST API Services.
  • Better usability to enhance user experience. Ease of support and maintenance.
  • Ability to work over cellular network in case required.
  • Easy to deploy using MDM Solutions.