SKOFace is a contactless biometric facial recognition system. It is a fast and reliable system with maximum accuracy.

SKOFace with its portability and ease of use can be deployed at various secure access locations. It brings a seamless guest/passenger experience. Our solution can be hosted on premise or cloud. It can be optimised to integrate with existing customer systems and databases.

Robust unit powered by long lasting
Lithium-ion battery

Tilt and Swivel feature

Easily Portable

Facial LED Illumination

Wi-Fi, Ethernet enabled

Height: 1495mm, Base Width: 311mm

LED Facial Match indicator

Capture and Match Faces - 5 secs (Avg.)

Positive Matches up to 95%

Quick Identification


Base Length: 370mm, Weight: 25kg (approx.)

Applications for SKOFace

Access Control

Biometric Security

Employee Attendance

School Attendance

Visitors Check-in

Public Security

Security Control

Time Clocking

Benefits of

Enhanced Security

Ease of integration

Contactless and seamless customer experience

Faster and non-invasive identity verification

Effective utilization of facilities and resources

Key Features of

Customized Integration to Customer Systems

Real Time Face Detection

Verification against Whitelists and Blacklists

Multiple User Characteristics